Saturday, January 24, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread

So this week has begun the 10 day process of Amish Friendship Bread...
Right now my batch is fermenting as we speak.. bubbling.. and thickening...

I'll let you know more about how it goes this week along with some pictures and the recipe to pass on!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It rained today, my daughter and I decided to do a little sewing for her baby dolls. Matching skirts! Too cute- and simple too!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

family baking

yesterday the kids and i made chocolate chip cookies. this was my first real attempt to let my children do everything (with some adult supervision-- mind you they are almost 4 and 23 months). lucky for me it went very well. nathan (almost 2) was content just standing on a chair next to his sister with a measuring spoon in hand and flour that spilled on the counter in front of him. we have a stand alone mixer in which mackie was able to scoop out the dry mixture into the bowl in just the right amount to make the cookie dough moist and gooey. perfect for scooping cookies on tray i say! then i poured the chocolate chips in a bowl and let each of them take turns scooping the chips in to the dough while i mixed it in. they had a blast!

they came out tasting pretty darn good! and thats all that matters right?

afterwards, the kids drew pictures of the cookies baking in the oven. i love it, can you tell mackie was ecstatic about the cookies! =)

a perfect day

i am a city girl living in a country fog. i long to live where there are green fields of grass, rising to the warm sun, cool breeze flowing through the windows- just enough to keep me under those handmade quilts made by loved ones, coffee brewing, hot chocolate for the kiddos, a day full of simple things. -- the alarm sounds wake me up.

time to get up and begin the day...someday i'll be where the 'green grass grows'.

starting out...

this will be my new pen and paper in which i place the random thoughts about my life... the questions that constantly ruminate in my mind and the crafty things i like to do...